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“Steven McGannon’s The Tuuli Function is a kind of wonder.  The story of a girl named Tuuli who is a  philosophy student, it follows her in numbered and subnumbered realistic sentences through her school day and into a night of attempting to write a paper against a deadline.  I can’t think of a place where the  harrowing experience of trying to marshall your thoughts and put them on paper is so  brilliantly told. Self-doubt, wayward notions flitting through,  existential crises, intense longing after beauty as a respite for the addled brain.  Somewhere along the line, McGannon’s declarative realism gives way to a poetry in prose, a poetry which is musical, lovely, yet loaded with a deep kind of informed philosophical musing.  All readers will have their favorites among these thoughts.”

—Carter Wilson, author, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Santa Cruz

“I found [The Tuuli Function] to be utterly compelling…like reading one of those nightmares we have all had when you dream you have missed an assignment or not studied for a test and now are facing the consequences. A universal feeling. I found my own panic building as the story unfolded… We are marching towards an end of some sort and can feel the dread mounting.”

—Claudia Sternbach, author, Now Breathe (Whiteaker Press) and Reading Lips (Unbridled Books), and former editor in chief of Memoir Literary Journal

“Tuuli is in all of us… What a unique book, and one that touches the heart of what makes us human.”

—Geneen Roth, author, This Messy Magnificent Life and the #1 New York Times bestseller, Women Food and God

Read award-winning work by S.N. McGannon online, for free:

“The Tea House of War”, Porter Gulch Review, 2012, pp. 105 – 109


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